Tuesday, November 2, 2010


as usual, it was a rotiune day for me. I woke up at 6'oclock
,refreshed my self and went to Zym . I took exercise in Zym
at least half an hour then from Zym came back to home.I had
me breakfast at 10'o clock.then all of a sudden,one of my
friends called me downstairs.I went downstairs and met all
of my friends . it was a good gathering and we enjoyed
alot.I also met few people who have been in bpo for quite
long time. I had disscusion with them for few hours.at 2'o
clock i had my lunch and went for a short sleep.
my evening started with tea and snacks. I did some domestic
activities with my parents at home. I did work on my pc
also and had chit-chats with my friends on net.at 7'oclock,
I went to park and walked there for half an hour and from
park ,I went to temple and worshipped there.aorund at 8.30
in evening,I started watching some programmes on colours
and kept watching till 10.30. at 11'o clock , i had my
dinner and went to bed.


  1. mar jao kahi jakr wah wah english ki maa bahn kr di

  2. mar jao kahi jakr wah wah english ki maa bahn kr di

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  4. How can people post such horrendous sentences... god damn

  5. school days are the most memorable days of every student, I did my schooling in Muslim educational trust in Srinagar Kashmir. I was an average student,who got average grades but the moments which made my school days most memorable were the moments I spent with my friends and teachers because these are the two personalities which I think are my back end support. as everyone says that school days are the golden days of one,s life and I agree with it because of my friends and teachers.

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